2010 Tech Buddies of the Year

Alexi Themelis (14, Belmont Hill School) is one of our 2010 Tech Buddies of the Year for his near full-time, dedicated volunteering last summer. Tech Buddies is a special program for middle and high school students who volunteer here at CRPIC in a substantive and meaningful way. Last summer Alexi logged about 20 volunteer hours/week for several weeks working on a variety of projects. He became the preferred tutor for numerous CRPIC patrons and helped many improve their skill level to the point where they were ready for our formal technology classes. He also single-handedly updated our entire snail-mailing list and email list with perseverance and precision – a difficult and tedious job, but one that left us with a much used new database. We are more than appreciative of his efforts that allow us to communicate with all of our constiuencies! Congratulations Alexi and thank you! Some of your tutees hope you will return next summer!

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