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Lab Rentals: Equipment Specs

Equipment Specs


o CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo
o RAM - 4 GB
o Hard Drives – 80 GB Swappable hard drives
o Diskette. DVD R/W
o Monitors – 19” LCD
o Operating Systems – MS Windows 7 Enterprise (XP Pro and Vista Pro available)
o Server Operating Systems – MS Server 2003 / 2003R2 Standard and 2008 / 2008R2 Standard
o MS Office 2003 Professional and MS Office 2007 Professional


o Ceiling–mounted LCD projectors (1024 x 768)
o Lab B also uses a monitor setup between two every two students displaying the same image as the instructor’s screen and overhead projector




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Contact our Executive Director @ 781-891-9559, x205 for pricing and availability

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