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Lab Rentals: Computer Classroom and Lab Sepcs

Computer Classroom and Lab Specs

All labs and computer classrooms

• Internet connectivity on dedicated T1 lines
• Hard-wired workstations and wireless network
• Instructor’s workstation with additional laptop connections
• Ceiling–mounted LCD projectors (1024 x 768) and screens
• White boards and flip charts
• Networked printer

Lab A - 20 Networked PCs
        o Room Size - Approximately 21’ x 40’    

Lab B – 12 Networked PCs
        o Room Size - 15’ x 30’

Lab C – 8 Networked PCs
        o Room Size – Approximately 16’ x 24

Lab D – Conference and Training Room
        o Conference table with seating for 12
        o Power outlets and network connections for 12 laptops

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Contact our Executive Director @ 781-891-9559, x205 for pricing and availability

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