Basic & Workplace Computer Skills


CRPIC provides first-rate, affordable computer courses for the general public, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. We are fully licensed by the MA Division of Professional Licensure’s Office of Occupational Schools, which reviews and approves all courses and instructor credentials. Most of our trainers have over 10 years of classroom experience. Our curricula match or exceed those of for-profit classes while our fees remain below market. Our most popular courses are the open enrollment classes in the latest Microsoft Office applications, Quickbooks, and basic computing skills. Most of those classes have two types of sessions – either a concentrated 6-7 hour one-day training session or three 2 hour evening classes. Registrants receive a Certificate of Completion after completing a short exam at the end of the class. Some partial scholarships may be available for low to moderate income individuals and families.

For more information on any of the following options, email or call 781-891-9559 x206.

  • Open enrollment classes. – View all of the offered classes in our most recent course catalog [click here], with available classes, course descriptions, dates, and enrollment fees.
  • Private classes – Schedule a private class of one of our regular classes for your own employees or organization. Use our computers and trainers, but tailor the standard curriculum to your needs and skill level.
  • Personalized curriculum – Have CRPIC develop a unique curriculum that addresses one or more software packages and how your business or organization uses them. We will work with you to develop the specifics of a curriculum that builds the skills you need most.


  • One-on-one tutoring – CRPIC has a staff of tutors to help individuals build computer skills. This tutoring is part of our community programming and is not as formal or as in depth as classes offered through our course catalog. This is frequently a good option for those just beginning to use a computer or for those looking for help with specific tasks or applications. For more information about tutoring, click here.
  • Private tutoring – If you would like be individually tutored on a more advanced topic or have a specific area you would like to explore in greater detail outside a classroom setting, our private tutors are available for $50/hour. You will learn at your own pace and cover the topics that are the most important to you with a professional coach. For more information email or call 781.891.9559, x206