Coding & STEM

Currently the market demand for IT professionals and coders exceeds supply and is expected to do so for the foreseeable future.In May 2017, an IBM study projected that by 2020 the number of annual job openings for all data savvy professionals in the United States will increase by 364,000 openings. This demand, frequently referred to as the “quant crunch” and the demand for data science skills is disrupting the job market.

In order to meet this demand, CRPIC provides courses, certificates, and bootcamps focusing on data management and coding across a number of technologies using several accessible modalities.

Data Management and Coding Certificate

CRPIC’s Data Management and Coding Program connects individuals and institutions to high quality training in data management applicable across industries and functional specialties. The program is a sequenced set of courses that includes all of the fundamentals of data management. Students can elect to take all the courses to qualify for the Data Management and Coding Certificate OR take classes a la carte to add specific skills to their portfolio.


All courses, including those in the Data Management and Coding Certificate, may be taken as stand-alone courses to allow registrants to augment and diversify their skill set.


Bootcamps are stand-alone, fast-paced courses covering a lot of material in a short time. Individuals may register at will and without fulfilling prerequisites, but will be expected to maintain the faster and more intensified pace of the class.