Data Management & Coding

Data Management and Coding Certificate Program and Courses


As more and more data inundates all aspects of industry, there is an increasing need to learn how to effectively collect, analyze, present, and astutely use it in business planning and decision-making. The same trend applies to nonprofits, governments, and educational institutions in order to run successful and useful services and programs. Currently the market demand for IT professionals and coders exceeds supply and is expected to do so for the foreseeable future. At the same time, managers and service providers need to collect and use data in strategic and routine management of products and services. They are becoming more tech savvy out of sheer necessity as their budgets can’t support a large number of IT-specific positions. CRPIC’s Data Management and Coding Program connects individuals and institutions to high quality training in data management applicable across industries and functional specialties. The program is a sequenced set of courses that includes all of the fundamentals of data management. Students can elect to take all the courses to qualify for the Data Management and Coding Certificate OR take classes a la carte to add specific skills to their portfolio.

Who Should Apply

 The Data Management and Coding Program is designed to get more well-trained job candidates into the workforce by providing high quality, moderately priced training to individuals, companies, nonprofits, and other institutions. It offers core courses and electives that prepare people to collect, manipulate, and present data to support business decision-making or service provision without the time and expense of getting a four-year IT degree.

It is well-designed for:

  • Individuals who want/need to augment their current skill set with technology expertise to enhance their marketability within a given industry sector or to enable them to switch to a new one
  • For small and mid-size firms to train employees who can address the growing need and demand for using data in their company or division
  • For non-profits to connect their service providers and program managers to the education needed to enable them to use data to understand, evaluate, and fund their services

Certificate Program, A la Carte Classes, or Bootcamps

The Data Management and Coding Certificate Program is a sequenced set of courses that includes all of the fundamentals of data management. The completion of all core courses gives candidates a good foundation in data management as well as practical problem-solving experience and a portfolio of projects posted online that demonstrates their knowledge and capabilities. However, we recognize that companies and non-profits may need to connect with quality resources that allow their employees to acquire specific skills, so courses may be taken on an individual, non-certification basis. All certificate candidates are expected to take the prerequisites or demonstrate to the satisfaction of the instructor sufficient proficiency to enroll in any class.

Bootcamps are stand-alone, fast-paced courses covering a lot of material in a short time. Individuals may register at will and without fulfilling prerequisites, but will be expected to maintain the faster and more intensified pace of the class.

Class Format and Credits

Courses may either be classroom-based, online, or a combination of both. The majority of the classes are a combination of lectures and exercises posted online and on-site classroom/lab exercises. This format allows registrants the freedom and flexibility to listen to lectures at their convenience while providing a hands-on and collaborative lab experience. The dual approach supports higher quality peer-to-peer learning, practical problem-solving, and fosters a higher completion rate than MOOC classes. Courses typically run for 11-12 weeks with 4 hours total/week of lecture and lab. Frequently lectures are posted online, but registrants are expected to be present for labs, usually 2 hours/week, and for any classroom exercises, as required. Courses with 45 hours of combined instruction and lab time are 3 credits and courses with 60 hours are 4 credits. Four credit courses generally have a large, outside the classroom project component.  Our courses are structured in this format so most higher education institutions or employers can easily understand/accept the training.

Prerequisites for the Data Management and Coding Program

Candidates for the Data Management and Coding Certificate Program must have:

  • Good working knowledge and familiarity with computers and the internet
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • College level statistics or its equivalent

Registrants taking courses who are not pursuing certification are not required to fulfill the prerequisite requirements, but should be aware that courses assume these baseline skills. If, after taking individual classes, a registrant wishes to apply for certification, the prerequisite requirements must be met.

Other Requirements

All registrants must have access to a computer and the internet. CRPIC’s classroom computers may be used during labs and in-class exercises, and computers in the public access lab may be used outside of class during our regular public hours. Registrants must make sure they have the equipment and internet access needed to attend online lectures and complete exercises and projects outside the classroom.

Core Courses for Data Management and Coding Certification

  • Introduction to Computer Databases and Excel
  • Intro to Big Data Using R and R Studio
  • SQL Programming – SQL, Open SQL, Oracle, MS Access
  • Data Analysis & Business Decisions Using Excel
  • Python Programming for Data Analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Data Visualization/Presentation


  • Intro to Networking – LANs, the internet, VIOP, Cloud
  • Intro to Wireless Networking
  • Data Analysis Using Salesforce
  • Intro to GIS

Data Management, Coding, and STEM Registration:

The registration form can be accessed through the course catalog. Click on the course you would like to register for and you will be redirected to the registration form. Please fill out the form completely and review Enrollment and Course Policies and Center Policies before submitting. If you need assistance with registration, please email or call 781.891.9559, x206