What could possibly be more fun than a lab full of coding Cub Scouts? This spring CRPIC had a blast supporting a local troop working together on a technology badge. Local Waltham Cub Scout Pack 250 spent 4 evenings here using one of our labs and a BITSBOX package to build their own sports app.  With Candace Holman guiding the boys and helping them trouble-shoot all sorts of coding glitches, functional (and fun) apps were popping up on every screen to the sheer delight of their creators. What we especially love about experiences of this sort is kids are learning to code in a fun and entertaining way, they are learning together and teaching/experimenting in teams, and parents and members of their community are actively involved in the whole process. If you are interested in having your pack, troop, or community group try something like this, please call 781-891-9559, x 206 or email us at

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