Tutoring & Low-Cost Classes

Individual Tutoring

CRPIC offers the public free, one-on-one tutoring with a scheduled appointment for a half or full hour session. Priority scheduling goes to those with little computer experience. Our tutors are students from local colleges/universities and volunteers from the community and high tech industry. Typical tutoring topics include setting up and using email accounts, learning to navigate the Web, conducting a good internet search, understanding how to set-up and save files, and using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. More experienced users can also explore a particular topic or application in more depth over a series of sessions with a tutor.  Most tutors will gladly explore other reasonable topics with advance notice.  Call us for availability and scheduling information, 781-891-9559, x206.

Private Tutoring

CRPIC recognizes each individual has specific learning needs and styles. In order to help address your particular requirements, we offer fee-based private tutoring for adults and children. If you would like be individually tutored on a more advanced topic or need assistance with a program, project, or specific application, our private tutors are available for $50/hour. You will learn at your own pace and cover the topics that are the most important to you with a professional coach. Call us for availability and reservations at 781-891-9559, x206

Classes and Courses

CRPIC offers a wide array of affordable classroom-based and online computer and technology courses. We offer basic and workplace computer skills classes, and a new coding certificate program and courses. We are fully licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Licensure, Office of Proprietary Schools. Depending upon the overall registration for any given course and available underwriting, low and moderate income individuals may apply for a partial scholarship. To learn more about our classes and to view the latest schedule, click here. To speak to our staff directly, call 781-891-9559, x206.