Workshops & Lectures

Community Workshops and Lectures

CRPIC runs periodic free or low-cost workshops and lectures for the community on topics or skills that may have a more universal appeal and practicality, but aren’t the type of material we would typically cover in a longer and more formal class. Most workshops last between one and three hours and are led by a guest teacher. These sessions are very relaxed, hands-on, and discussion-oriented. Many of the workshops focus on our app-driven lives across devices and how to select, organize, and coordinate those apps across devices and contacts. The list below is an example of the kinds of workshops that we run:

  • Get Coordinated with Google Suite – how to use Google Suite to get your gmail, calendar, photos, music, contacts, and more into one place and learn how to store and share them with contacts, groups, and across your devices.
  • Photo Storage, Editing, Organization, and Sharing – What are the options for getting all your photos into one place, organized, edited, and able to be printed and/or shared across devices and media delivery systems? This course looks at both hard and cloud storage.
  • Social Media Mania – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and more. What are they and what works best for your needs? What to think about in terms of privacy and sharing and how to get started or better coordinated across devices.
  • Where is My Music? – Should you buy or stream? Which sites and apps are best for you – iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Red, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora, and others. How to select the best sites for you, create playlists, store music and playlists across your devices and even share with some contacts.
  • Getting your Financial Life Ship-Shape – Review the best financial sites for budgeting, money and credit management, investing, retirement planning, tax planning, and more.

Preregistration is required online or at the front desk and is open to anyone age 15 or older. Workshops are most often run in the evening or weekend afternoons. Fees are set for each workshop and typically run between $15-$50/workshop {LINK}.

Community workshops and lectures are not part of the CRPIC’s subscription-based TechTrends Lecture Series. For info on TechTrends, click here {LINK}.